Practicing Proper Hunting Etiquette

Each hunter has his preferred prey, but one thing holds true for all hunters alike. Etiquette. Truly respectful hunters practice the proper etiquette when stalking and killing prey. Practicing appropriate behavior and protocol shows others that you are responsible, respectful, and a pleasure to hunt with.
When you respect the prey and the property owners, your hunt is enjoyable and you’re usually invited back. Not to mention, learning and practicing the proper protocol allows you to hunt the right way. Different areas have various rules and policies, and an ignorance of these rules is not an appropriate excuse.
Below, take a few tips for practicing the appropriate etiquette for respecting wildlife, other hunters, and property owners alike.
1. Above all else, learn the ins and outs of the weapon you hunt with. Especially if you use firearms, ensure that you know the proper protocol for gun and rifle safety.
2. Ensure that you have permission to hunt where you decide to set up. An amiable request for permission goes a long way when it comes to etiquette and manners.
3. Each province and state has separate laws and requirements for tagging kills, so ensure you are familiar with all of the licensing rules.



Post by  Lawrence Bay Lodge