The Arctic Grayling of Saskatchewan: Fishing Tips

Fishing season is about to begin, and Lawrence Bay Lodge is looking forward to opening its doors to new and returning anglers. We are predicting this year to be a successful year for fishing.

Our lakes are plentiful with various fish including the beautiful Arctic Grayling.

Artic Grayling, also known as the “Sailfish of the North” boasts a beautiful blue color in the males and has a unique long, high, sail-like dorsal fin. This fish prefers colder water, so fly-fishing in the late spring and early summer months is the best way to catch it. For the late summer and early fall months, fishing for Arctic Grayling may call for a lure.

The Arctic Grayling is one of the smallest catches we fish for, weighing in at an average of 1-2 pounds. Even though the Arctic Grayling is small, they sure do put up a good fight! Typically, the fish will surface before swimming near the boat, making it easier for spotting.

If you don’t have luck spotting the fish near your boat, search around rocky shorelines. Artic Grayling will often congregate in water that is typically less than 12 feet deep. Keep in mind that Grayling search for food on a predominantly insect-based forage, so areas where there are a lot of invertebrates will usually attract them.

After all of this Artic Grayling talk, you’re probably itching to book a fishing trip at Lawrence Bay Lodge. We guarantee you a memorable adventure on Reindeer Lake. Contact us today to book your Artic Grayling fishing trip!