Things to Know About the Lake Trout Spawn

While most individuals come to Lawrence Bay for northern pike fishing, many people love fishing for lake trout. These beautiful trout, which are technically char, can weigh up to 45 pounds. So, here are some things to know about the lake trout spawn:


1 – Fall is Spawning Season – While most people know this, many do not. There are a lot of trout species and a lot of species known as trout. Not all of these spawn in the Fall, such as the rainbow trout, which spawns in Spring. However, the lake trout, along with a few other species, spawn in autumn.

2 – Lake Trout Stay in the Lake – Many species leave the lakes during the spawn. However, lake trout stay in their lakes and find suitable locations for spawning which, for them, has advantages and disadvantages, insofar as predators are concerned.

3 – They Spawn at Night – Yet another difference between lake trout and other trout species: they spawn at night. Brown trout, for example, spawn during the day.


All of this is really good to know because fishing for different species poses different problems for the fisherman. You need to take into account that no two fish act the same, and for good reason. They act to avoid predation and, to some extent, to share their environment with others.