Tips for a Successful Northern Pike Catch and Release

Planning to fish for northern pike this summer at the Lawrence Bay Lodge, but don’t want to harm the fish you catch? The Reindeer Lake area, where we’re located, participates in catch-and-release fishing programs. Don’t worry though, our experienced guides handle all of the fish and are trained to take care of them.

It’s still important to remember these tips for a successful northern pike catch and release.

Remove the hook quickly and safely. Taking a hook out of a northern pike’s mouth can be intimidating, but a pair of long needle nose pliers will make the job easier and cause less damage to the fish. For hooks that are set very deep, use a pair of jaw pliers.

Use a knotless net or a soft, rubberized one to land fish, which will substantially increase a fish’s chances of post-release survival.

Avoid over-handling northern pike. Wet your hands before touching the fish to avoid removing its protective coating, and don’t put your fingers in the gills or touch the eyes.

Stay with the fish until it can breathe normally and swim freely from your hands before releasing it. Return the fish to water as soon as possible, but stay with it until it recovers.

Consider release conditions. In very shallow areas, where water temperatures can be as high as the 80s, northern pike have a higher mortality rate.

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