A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Moose

A favorite meal here at Reindeer Lake, moose meat is a great alternative to the usual chicken, pork and beef in our diets. With a wide range of health benefits and a delicious flavor, it is no wonder that hunters love to visit Saskatchewan to try their hand at taking down a bull moose. Prevalent throughout the area, there is much more to the moose than meets the eye!

Great Swimmer

With the ability to dive more than 5 meters underwater and swim further than 16 kilometers, the moose in an incredible swimmer. While you wouldn’t think their big, bulky bodies are meant for the water, moose can swim well less than two weeks after birth. Especially during the hot summer months, you are likely to spot them swimming for relief from the heat or diving underwater to grab leafy snacks from the bottom of the lake.

Twig Eater

Called “moz” by the Native Americans, this word was adopted and developed into “moose” by North American settlers. A loose translation of the Algonquin word “moz” is “twig eater”, the perfect title for this big herbivore. A symbol of endurance and survival to the Ojibwe and Cree nations, the moose is also a common clan animal in Native American tribes.

Lots of Calories

Up to 1200 pounds in weight, it takes a lot of food to keep a moose going. To maintain body weight, a moose must ingest 9770 calories a day, which equals out to about 73 pounds of bark and shrubbery. Often seen stripping the bark off of trees with their enormous teeth, it is easy to spot where a moose has been grazing.

If moose hunting in Canada sounds like your ideal vacation, there is no better place to visit than Lawrence Bay Lodge! Our area of Saskatchewan has been the ideal place to hunt moose in recent years, with about 90 percent of hunters having the opportunity to take a bull moose. Our expert guides and large, remote hunting areas are ideal for success. For more information and to schedule your next hunting trip, contact us at 701-262-4560.