Fly Fishing Etiquette

Fly fishing can be a lot of fun, so when you’re doing it, especially with several friends or family members, you might get a little bit carried away and make noise. This is poor fly fishing etiquette and could potentially upset some of your fellow fly fishermen in the area. So keep it down and be respectful of those around you! There are other fly fishing etiquette tips you should follow, too. Check them out below.

Learn the local fly fishing regulations

Before you do any kind of fishing in any body of water, you should find out what the local regulations are and stick to them. If nothing else, taking the time to learn about the regulations will show that you are trying your best to respect the local waters. You might also stop yourself from incurring an unnecessary citation or fine.

Try not to splash when wading through the water

It’s almost impossible not to cause some splashing when you’re wading around in the water while fly fishing. But if you are surrounded by other fly fishermen, you should minimize the splashing as much as you can, both for your sake and for the sake of the others. Certain types of fish spook easily and might swim away from the splashing. Splashing can also make it difficult to spot fish in the water while fly fishing.

Pick up after yourself and throw trash out

This is a good etiquette tip to follow in any area of life. If you make a mess, whether on land or in the water, you should pick up after yourself and make sure that your mess doesn’t become someone else’s mess. When you litter, you will be doing a great disservice to Mother Nature and making it harder for fly fishermen to enjoy being out in the water.

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